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"Let the little children come to me." - Jesus

We aim to empower and equip underprivileged children of Haiti to reach their full potential.

Blessed Children aims to provide underprivileged children of Haiti with the opportunity to succeed. 

Imagine being a child with dreams of becoming a famous musician, an artist, a singer, or an athelete, and being told that you have no chance of becoming any of those things in life. This is the reality in Haiti. 

With Haiti only obtaining its freedom just over 200 years ago, the people who reside there now, descended from slaves brought from the Congo region of Africa, have never been give a chance to succeed in life. With a government that started out with their own interests in mind, the people were left to navigate life on their own. 

With 65 billion dollars that flooded into Haiti after the earthquake, why is there still such a great lack of infrastructure? Simply put, the money is spent on short-term solutions that never self-sustain. Organizations and individuals make promises of coming back to implement long-term solutions, but then never do. Haiti is then left again with no infrastructure or foundation to build their dreams and career on. 

We are different. Our solutions are long-term. We will be bringing to Haiti one compound at a time: a school, a boarding facility, and most exciting for everyone, a Dream Space. Everything that we do will be eco-friendly and self-sustaining. We will be building out of: used shipping containers, green roofs, solar panels, waterless toilets, a water harvesting and purification system, a passive cooling system, and more...



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What we envision for the Dream Space...

Hydroponic & Natural Farming

Before Haitian independence, Haiti was a fertile ground: producing may of the world's natural resources. We not only want to restore what was prospering in the country, but also bring them new fruits and vegetables that aren't easily grown in the country. Our goal is to create a compound that is self-sustaining and revenue-generating by growing unique crops that they do not currently have access to in the country.


Music, Art, Crafts & Dance

Haitian children and adults are like are bursting with creativity in all fields within the arts. Without the resources to implement their skills, however, many prodigies are left undiscovered and unable to pursue their dreams. We envision many studios that provide the creative resources for them to pursue their inner visions and dreams.

Wood & Metal Working

When visiting Haiti, we realized how talented the people were at not only creating gorgeous carvings; anything from furniture to decorative items, but also how talented the people are at crafting intricate metal gates and doors. Blessed Children will be building structures using used shipping containers, and hope that we not only nurture the skills other Haitians already have, but teach them how to convert and build livable housing structures the same way we built the compound.


Computer and Electronics Lab

Most Haitians do not have access to computers, or any electronics at all, as these resources are very expensive and Haiti has unreliable energy sources. Our goal is to provide the compounds with the technology they need to join the world in technological global advancements by using eco-friendly and alternative energy resources.

Sewing Lab

With limited clothing resources in Haiti, most being from donations or textiles that are important, we hope that by teaching interested locals how to create their own clothing, we not only save them money, but teach them how to profit off their creations.



Education for all

In order for children to go to school to Haiti, they must pay anywhere between $100-$150 a semester per child. This pays for the teacher salaries, books, supplies and uniform. We aim to provide schooling for the local community children, as well as educational programs for adults at no cost.


Children do not have a junior Holy Spirit
— David Walters


Get Involved

Blessed Children is always looking for new resources, volunteers, funding, and any individuals with a vested interest in eliminating 3rd world poverty and homelessness. We are also looking for innovators, entrepreneurs, and technologists to help further our mission of providing education and resources to children with no other means to succeed.

If interested, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you within 2-3 business days. Thank you so much for your interest and we look forward to the possibility of working together with you!

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